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Five Best Cruiser Bikes You Should Buy

Cruiser bicycles are one of the most popular types of bikes. One of the reasons for its popularity is because they bring a great riding experience in the summertime. Cruiser bikes are meant for casual riders, as they can easily pedal along at a comfortable pace while cruising down the streets or the boardwalk. 

Comfort is one of the most pleasing features of the cruiser, with its erect handlebars that let people enjoy a relaxed riding posture. In this article from online pokies, we will be listing out a few of the best cruiser bikes you can buy.

Firmstrong Urban

Created from a Hermosa Beach company that does nothing but produce Cruiser models, you won’t be finding any holes in the Firmstrong series, as they are known for their simplicity and straight lines in each series. The Firmstrong Urban was produced to have a single gear with a single coaster brake. No cable needs to be run, as it will be cluttering up the steel frame, and this will let riders easily hop on and enjoy their ride.

Gama Bikes Boardwalk

Offering you a little of the aesthetic world, the Gama Bikes Boardwalk looks quaint and cute. It features a Shimano 6-speed shifting which lets it be categorized into three different types of bikes – commuter, beach and cargo bike – while offering comfort to the riders with the spring combinations used on the seat.

Brilliant Mayfair

The Brilliant Mayfair is a savvy step-through model with triple gears that was built with Shimano Nexus and shifters, which will not fail you. It also spots a lightweight 1020 steel frame which is hand-welded to let the riders get the Dutch feel through their trips. It has a little bit of European in it as its body was built to accommodate cargo racks. And if you just want the bike for its casual features, then it will perform even better, according to experts from casino en lignes.

Sixthreezero In The Barrel

Sixthreezero In The Barrel is another cruiser bike you should consider buying this year, as its triple gear design allows it to be ridden through hills, and this ability is even better than most single-speed cruiser gear. Its shifting is kept to the minimum to drop the complexity of your ride. To let riders lay back, the In The Barrel’s seat was placed at a slight angle and you’ll find yourself in a better position for pedalling motion that will improve the cushy ride on the bouncy saddle, it is unknown which is being ridden by David Villa wife as she loves cycling.

Schwinn Classic Deluxe 7

Schwinn has been a long-standing bike producer, and they’ve managed to survive in each generation despite the new innovating companies entering the market. They remained relevant by producing bikes like the Classic Deluxe 7 which features a stylized cantilever steel frame with 7-speed Shimano shifting. It is an American classic that has a built-in headlight for people who love night rides.

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