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Four Most Common Mountain Biking Injuries

Mountain biking is one of the most popular outdoor exercises people carry out these days. While it has been growing in popularity, injuries have also been on the rise. 

Riding your bike off-road over trails with variable surface conditions and then its high intensity can often lead to serious injury. Fortunately, most injuries are usually minor falls and will not be needing the help of any orthopaedic doctor.

Although not all mountain biking injuries are traumatic, injuries can often repeat themselves due to the repetitive nature of cycling. A bike set up in the wrong way for the rider can cause overuse injuries. In this article from online pokies for real money, we will be listing some of the most common mountain biking injuries.

Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Sprain

Acromioclavicular which is also known as shoulder separation can be referred to as the damage to the AC joint ligament which is found on the outer side of the collar bone attached to the front of the shoulder blade. The pain felt may start widespread, but will be localized later. You should consider resting for a while before applying ice and a sling.

Skin Abrasions

Skin abrasions are another common injury when mountain biking, and it means cuts and grazes, or damage to the soft protective tissue in the top layers of skin. These kinds of injuries are often acquired when falling off your bike. The severity of the injury will be dependent on whether the rider is putting on protective gear or not, according to experts from jeux casino en ligne.

Knee/Lower Back Pain

People who love mountain biking don’t stop at riding the mountains twice a week. If they had the chance, they would love to ride it every day of the week. However, this repetitive nature of cycling means you’ll be getting painful knee and lower back injuries due to the prolonged bending and use of the legs. Runners’ knees can lead to inflammation around the knee. Sciatica, which is back pain, is usually caused by a herniated disc pressing against the structures in the back. Setting up your bike in the right way can also prevent this kind of injury, which Robin van Persie never got during his football days.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is often caused by the pressure exerted on the median nerve in the wrist which brings feeling to your thumb, index and middle fingers. It will bring about a numb and tingly hand, and while the symptoms will go away when you rest the hand, they can also become chronic, inducing pain to the wrist, hand and, sometimes, shoulder.

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