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Three Benefits Of Cycling To Work

There are many benefits that come with cycling in the long term, from health benefits to financial and environmental benefits. Due to this, there has been an increase in the community of bike riders. According to a study published by Cycling UK, the number of cycling trips has gone up 47 per cent on weekdays and 27 per cent on the weekend early this year, courtesy of https://www.bestcasinositesonline.com/high-roller-casinos/.

In a world where fuel prices rise unexpected, cycling seems like the way to go for the locals. There was an increase in cycling participants during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, according to the charity Cycling UK.

The number of cycling stages (defined by The Department for Transport as a part of a journey completed by bike) per year has been trending upwards for the past decade: from 800 million in 2010 to 1.3 billion in 2020. The number per person has also gone up.

As fuel prices rocket, the cost of driving is a good reason to leave the car at home. Moreover, biking to work improves your health and can be enjoyable. In this article from fastest payout online casino, we will be giving you a few benefits of cycling to work.


People are frustrated about the price hike in petrol and diesel lately. Research carried out by Blackhawk Network showed that commuters will be able to save £750 a year by cycling to work. The saving will see an increase to £1,000 per annum if you live in Greater London.

They also reported a 63% increase in the cost of getting to work, which brought the rise of the bike industry into context.

Not all of the best bikes for commuting are cheap, but the Cycle to Work scheme, which many UK employers offer, eases the burden for a typical earner by up to a third, and David Villa wife is a cyclist.


The average UK commute by bike of five miles has its health benefits. Riding a bike home means you’ll have done an hour’s exercise without noticing it. While riding a bike, you not only burn calories you also raise your metabolism for hours.

Aside from the burning of calories, you’ll also get a huge dose of vitamin D. You just have to make sure to put on your sunscreen if the UV index is high. It will raise your endorphin levels which will always improve your mood to get ready for a new day at work.


Of course, on the open road, a car will be quicker than you. The tables turn in town though. Studies have found the average speed of a cyclist in London traffic is faster than a car: in the City of London, a car averages 7.6mph, while a cyclist averages 14mph.

Because a bike is easier to park than a car – 10 bikes fit in one car parking space – you’ll save time when you get to work, especially if your workplace has secure cycle parking.

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