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10 Best Adult/Kids Bicycle Helmet For Street/Mountain Riding of 2024

When the weather gets warmer people are looking for exercise, they want to enjoy the outdoors and cycling is one of their favorite options.

You know bicycle crashing is a very common thing now so before start riding you should beware of your safety. You know the head injury is most dangerous and it could cause your death.

So, when you riding, a helmet is the mandatory tool for your head protection.

But when you going to buy a helmet it’s important to take the decision wisely and there are some key points you should know.

We have analyzed all these points deeply and make a shortlist to get the best one.

Best Bicycle Helmet Comparison Table


Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

  • Style: Sporty
  • Size: Adult
  • Color: Blue

Retrospec Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet

  • Style: BMX
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Crystal Blue

Schwinn Intercept Bicycle Helmet

  • Style: Sporty
  • Size: Adult
  • Color: Blue

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

  • Style: Urban
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Grey

Giro Register MIPS Adult Helmet

  • Style: Sporty
  • Size: Universal
  • Color: Black

Mongoose Bike Helmet with Camera Mount

  • Style: Urban
  • Size: Adult
  • Color: Black

Joncom Adult Bike Helmet

  • Style: Sporty
  • Size: Adult
  • Color: Purple

Triple Eight Gotham MIPS Bike Helmet

  • Style: Urban
  • Size: X-Small/Small
  • Color: Blue

Giro Cormick MIPS Cycling Helmet

  • Style: Urban
  • Size: Universal
  • Color: Matte Yellow

Joovy Noodle Kids Bike Helmet

  • Style: Sporty
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Color: Blue

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Best Bicycle Helmet Review

Best Mountain Bike Helmet

1. Editor’s Choice: Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

best mountain bike

Very lightweight helmet and specially designed with 360-degree comfort featuring and an adjustable dial fit knob.

Its liners and straps are very easy to adjust and adjust your head very smoothly. With this helmet, you don’t suffer head tugging or headache, and it’s easy to fit that saves your time.

This helmet gives you the perfect custom fit with full-range padding. Its full shell coverage design provides you highest safety.

For its lightweight micro-shell design, you don’t feel the extra weight while you riding.

You have 20 air vents with this helmet and these provide maximum air ventilation.

This helmet is a great choice for beginner mountain bike riders.

  • Lightweight helmet very easy to adjust
  • So good air ventilation
  • Great value for the price
  • Backstrap need more improvement


2. Best Mountain Bike Helmet: Mongoose Capture Bike Helmet with Go Pro Camera Mount

best mountain bike

It’s a Lightweight and durable quality helmet that includes an ABS micro-shell and it gives you maximum safety and it doesn’t let you weighing down.

This well-built Mongoose helmet one of the best comfortable helmets. With this helmet, you have 15 air vents, and that gives you optimal airflow and brings coolness when you riding in hot summer.

Easy custom fit technology includes adjustable dial fit gives you 360-degree adjustability.

This Mongoose capture helmet featured a built-in action camera and its mount system is good enough for recording your riding journey.

This Mongoose helmet is so compatible with GoPro Hero (2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, or 6) so you can record your riding journey without any disturbance.

  • Comfortable and worthy helmet for the price
  • Very easy to fit
  • Excellent camera mount system
  • Only compatible for adult person


Best Road Bike Helmet

3. Best Overall: Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

If you want a stylish design helmet then this is the best one for you. It maintains a lightweight and compact design with maximum safety.

This Thousand bike helmet equipped with patent-pending pop with this it’s now so easy to stay the helmet behind.

Fastest one-hand locking system with its magnetic buckle. Just a single fingertip and it locks quickly.

Superb dial fit system, with its extraordinary dial fit system it makes more sung and secure.

With this bike helmet, you have cool air ventilation, it has seven air vents points and three cooling channels.

This brand gives you Anti-Theft and Accident replacement guarantees. So, if your helmet was stolen while it was locked up or damage on accident company will replace it free of cost.

  • So comfortable to use
  • Excellent helmet for touring
  • Sturdy and durable build quality
  • Sometimes little tough to fit snug


4. Best Responsive: Giro Cormick MIPS Cycling Helmet

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

This Giro helmet is super comfortable and its vertical position is super fit adjustable for the rider head.

That is the helmet equipped with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and that reduces hard impact when a rider falls on a crash.

Its In-mold construction system release weight and enhanced durability to everyday use.  This in-Mold construction is built with a sturdy polycarbonate outer shell which has an impact-absorbing foam liner.

Giro Cormick is featured with an advanced Roc Loc fit system and with this technology riders can operate it one hand.

The ventilation possibility is awesome and it has 18 ventilation points.

  • Great for big head
  • Superb Stylish and comfortable
  • Complete hardbody coverage
  • Some women user feels a little bit loose


Best Commuter Helmet

5. Top Pick: Retrospec Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet

Retrospec Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet

Retrospec helmet gives you premium level protection with completely formed ABS surrounds high-quality EPS foam and that maintains top-class safety.

This classic bike helmet design with 10 vents and it gives you a cool and comfortable feel for casual riding.

Its interior dew collector padding technology keeps away sweat, stench, and bacteria and you feel dry and irritation-free.

Retrospec helmet is quite adjustable for head fitting and that gives you maximum protection. There are 2 interchangeable pads and that provide a smooth and perfect snug fit.

With its adjustable straps, you have a customized fit and you can easily tighten and loosen it.

There is lots of color option with this Retrospec helmet and remember this helmet recommended age is above 14.

  • Very excellent for big heads
  • A great choice for the beginner rider
  • Amazing Protective feature
  • Some user feels tight


Best Adult Helmet

6. Best Durability: Giro Register MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

Giro Register MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

This Giro MIPS is really an extremely comfortable and lightweight helmet and if you think about adjustability then this helmet is a great option for you.

This Giro Register MIPS helmet is specially designed to reduce rotational force and it’s so impactful for biker head safety.

Giro MIPS provides In-Mold construction that fuses a strong outer shell which is polycarbonate.

It has an amazing rear adjustment dial and it’s much more excellent in adjustment and very comfortable for multiple uses.

This Giro helmet provides you Multi-Directional Impact protection system to reduce the heavy flow of energy after an accident or any hard impact.

Its removal visor protects your eyes from dust and rains and it makes it easy to cycling any tough weather and terrain.

  • MIPS equipped for extra safety
  • Lightweight and excellent airflow
  • Outstanding durability
  • Some people feel it larger


7. Best Adult Bike Helmet: Joncom Adult Bike Helmet

Joncom Adult Bike Helmet

This Joncom bike helmet is made of very lightweight but high-density EPS material and its inner pad build with breathable material so you can wear it comfortably.

You have found this helmet so standard size and this helmet fits almost all sizes head.

This adult helmet provides an easy-use dial system and it has an amazing side strap feature to adjust the helmet for different head sizes.

You have found a USB rechargeable real light and it helps other riders to keep a safe distance from you.

That is included three lighting modes, the first one is steady flashing second and the last one is slow and fast flashing. Slow flashing modes provide 40+ hours of lightning.

Joncon helmet going with a specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design to get extra airflow and it helps riders so much to increase their speed and stay cool.

For sunlight protection, it gives you a removable sun visor.

  • Superb adjustable and lightweight
  • Budget-friendly option
  • A great choice for hot/warm climate
  • The lightening system need more improvement


Best Price Helmet

8. Best Price Helmet: Schwinn Intercept Adult

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

This amazing fully featured bike helmet is specially designed for user comfort and safety. Lightweight and very easy to use.

Super cool dial fit adjustment technology that gives you easy and custom fit and its easy to adjust webbing strap superbly comfortable to fit biker under the chin.

Its 10 contoured air vents give you enhanced airflow and it provides heat-sealed pads to reduce perspiration.

There is a snap on/off visor for sunlight safety and it’s specially designed to remain your noggin cool even in hot weather.

This helmet is also a great option for a cruiser bike rider.

  • Very protective nice looking pro helmet
  • Good adjustable fit for larger head size
  • Very low cost but highly rated
  • The strap system sometime little bit fell out


Best BMX Helmet

9. Adult Bike Helmet: Triple Eight Gotham Mips Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Mips Helmet

Lightweight and stylish helmet Multi-directional Impact Protection (MIPS) System technology. Its MIPS technology can reduce rational forces during hard impact.

This helmet is equipped with a vented ABS shell with subtle brim and lightweight Conehead EPS liner and it gives you superb airflow and maximum safety, this technology is best for biking, skating, BMX, and commuting.

If you suffered from sweating then this helmet good option for you. This helmet is equipped with 2 sets of sweat saver pads that give you comfortability and a sweat-free riding experience.

It’s a superb custom fit helmet and specially designed for an adult BMX bike, with this helmet you have an easy fit adjustment system you just need to turn the dial.

  • Multipurpose uses option biking, skating, rollerblading
  • Excellent custom fit adjustment
  • Strong ABS outer shell
  • No visor


Best Kids and Toddler Helmet

10. Best Kids Helmet: Joovy Noodle Kids Helmet

Joovy Noodle Kids Helmet

This lightweight and comfortable superb joovy kids helmet is available in 2 sizes that are small (47 to 52 cm) and medium (52 to 56 cm).

With this Joovy Noodle, you have a super adjustable dial fit for your child and its adjustable chin strap is so good.

Its internal pads are one of the best pads compare to another toddler helmet for the pricing and it’s built with robust and high-quality fabric.

There are 14 vents points and that is good enough for airflow and it reduces the sweating problem.

Front of the helmet you have a nice-looking visor and that’s great for your child’s eye protection.

  • Superb helmet for babies and toddlers
  • Excellent standard in protection
  • Worthy for the price
  • Hard shell construction needs more improvement


Which Bike Helmet Is Right for You?

So which bike helmet is best fitted for you? We have tested some top-rated helmets on the market and our research and testing team identified top key points that you need to know when you choose a bike helmet.

Our tester team do deep research and analyze the market, survey customer reviews and talk with engineer and product managers.

We are also testing our own riding experience with these listed helmets.

Even we are fall crash with some of them to determine the right one. Our experience tester riding on many times and miles with these bike helmets on the road, trail, commutes, bike park, and mountain areas.

So, after testing all of the majority issues we have listed top key points and these points are mandatory to know when you want to buy a helmet.


When you riding a bike that is important to feel comfortable because if you feel discomfort, you just want to throw the helmet.

A comfortable helmet is a well-fitted helmet that also gives you good enough ventilation. When you wear it you feel so less weigh and no need to constantly adjusting the helmet and just need one tip to take it off.

Proper Fit

best-bicycle-helmet-proper-fitFor a bike rider, a perfect fit helmet is compulsory. If your helmet is not fitted correctly on your head this is a useless one and it is also risky for you. You may fall on crash for a loose fit.

A proper fit helmet can give you comfortability and maximum protection. Most manufactures provide guidelines for perfect head fit so see the manual for a perfect fit.

A perfect fit helmet means it level your head, touching all around your head, feels comfortably snug but has no tightness.

In any direction, you can’t move it more than one inch and you can’t pull off how hard you can try.

When you found two fingers’ gaps between the fronts of the helmets and your eyebrows that means it’s well fit.

You can also follow an easy technique, look forward if you can see the very age of the helmet that means the helmet position is enough good fit.

To observe your buckled chinstrap tightness, open your mouth and if you feel it pulls down your head that means your buckled chinstrap tight enough.


Helmets come in different sizes and weights. When you buy a helmet it’s important to notice its weight. A lightweight helmet is good for comfortability and is best for longer rides.

But you cannot consider helmet durability and strongness because head safety is first priority.

Safety Feature

best-bicycle-helmet-safety-issueWhen you are going to buy a helmet, lookout its safety feature you know safety is the top priority issue because if you are not safe how can your ride?

Confirm the helmet’s durability and sturdiness and how much crash impact your helmet can absorb. MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) feature is compulsory for safety concerns.

When you buy a helmet lookout it’s crash impact release capability so observe the helmet’s outer and inner shell.

Observe the helmet’s outer and inner shell with a close eye because these two portions are the main key factor for head safety.

The helmet you buy should meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard.

Besides CPSC there are also Virginia Tech’s (VT) STAR tests and some experts say their testing is more accurate than the CPSC test.

VT’s assigns zero to five-star ratings. When a helmet gets more stars that means it is more capable of reducing the risk of injury.


For fast and longer riding basically in hot weather, ventilation is key point. When a rider riding for a long time they suffered from sweat problems and it creates so havoc.

A well-ventilated helmet that reduced sweating and it provides maximum airflow that makes the journey cool.

So, when you buy a helmet check its ventilation option such as its vents points, vents position, and overall ventilation condition.

See the ventilation option of the helmet. Good quality helmets contain 12 to 15 or more vents points and many vent points let cooling air stream through your hair.


Now, most of the bicycle helmets belong with Expanded polystyrene foam and that is covered with a hard polycarbonate shell.

This hard-shell adds strength and protects EPS foam from any crush impact like bumps or scratches.

This traditional design becomes older and now there is new modern technology comes such as 3D printed Polyimide or proprietary polymer materials.

Manufactures says this modern design gives the rider extra benefits over traditional bicycle helmet.

Other Feature

For fast and longer riding basically in hot weather, ventilation is key points. When a rider riding for a long time most of the time they suffered sweating problems and it creates so havoc.
A well-ventilated helmet that reduced sweating and it provides maximum airflow that makes the journey cool.
So, when you buy a helmet check its ventilation option such as its vents points, vents position, and overall ventilation condition.
You don’t want that someone steals your helmet, so if you have a strong hand lock feature that is pretty good for you.

Final Verdict

Here’s our top pick of the best bicycle helmet currently available now. The main purpose of a bike helmet is to save your head in the case of a crash.

All bike helmets sold in the USA should be maintained minimum safety standards but all helmets brand not maintain the same level of protection.

Our tester team tested the top brand helmet and listed the most protective, comfortable, well fit enough ventilated bike helmet.

Overall Schwinn Thrasher is the best one for its price and overall performance.

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