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Joe R. Taylor at your service! Founder and one of the authors of this blog site.

As far as I remember, when my dad got me my first bike on my 4th birthday, I fell in love with those two-wheeled machines. That machine was my first step to enter the outdoor world.

From the journey of tiny feet to grown-up man, the thing which always knocked in my mind was exploring outdoors.

What would be the fun if I can’t share my experience? So, I founded this site to share my explorations and experiences.

Biking is my passion and my friend Steve J. Robin is a bug of camping, hiking, and climbing. And both of us want to share.

So, Steve has also associated with me as an author of this site to share his vast experiences of outdoors.

In this site, our goal is to cover everything about outdoors like cycling, hiking, camping, outdoor clothing, water sports, outdoor safety gears, winter sports, water sports, climbing, etc.

So, you don’t have to roam millions of sites to get the information you want.
We also affiliate for Amazon and try to choose the best products for our readers, because the world of outdoors is like an ocean and the outdoor gears are like various kinds of fishes.

Our goal is to get you the Tuna but not the Shark. We choose the products by researching, comparing, and testing.

Things we keep in mind when choosing:

  • The quality of the product.
  • The reviews of the products by the customers.
  • Comparison with other similar products.
  • Price of the product.
  • Durability and sustainability. (reviewed and tested by our expert team)

These are some key things we must keep on our mind when selecting the products to help our readers to get the best.

Always our try is to help our readers by giving them the solutions which we actually did by ourselves and to suggest them the products which we have really have tested, not those which we only know the name.

That’s all about us. Always on the journey, to share with you.

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