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BMX Rules That Need to Follow BMX Riders

Basically, today we are going to discuss some tips and basic rules of BMX bikes. If you guys are beginners and getting into the sport of BMX. BMX is a very different sport than others and it’s not like your average cyclocross, basketball, wrestling, football. It’s nothing like that.

When you get more into it, you kind of see that there’s a lot of different clicks, different types of people, different types of riders.

There’s a lot that you should know before getting into the sport. Now, before there are any keyboard warriors. BMX is most certainly a sport. Before anything, before anybody thinks of anything, it is definitely a sports fandom.

Safety Tools

First things First guys, you guys need to get the right protection because you will hurt yourself. Here I’m talking about getting a helmet, getting knee pads, getting elbow pads, getting all the right necessities. So, make your feel, make your feel comfortable, make yourself feel comfortable for you to learn tricks.

While also having bike control and somewhat of knowledge to know your boundaries. So don’t be alarmed.

Make sure you have the right protection to make yourself feel comfortable when it comes down to it. It’s all about comfort when it comes to bikes, comfort, and having some sort of mentality that you can do. Anything you put your mind to.

I know when I first started riding, one of the biggest issues I had was that I wasn’t comfortable on my bike.

BMX Bike Controlling Tips

Figure out why and that was because I was lacking control. One thing you guys really need to do before you actually start sending tricks is to get a good feeling bike that you’re comfortable with.

So, it doesn’t mean having like five-inch bars or like a Walmart complete bike and thinking that it’s comfortable for you’ll know when your bike is comfortable for you.

If you’re questioning yourself which is the best adult BMX bike? There is lots of option you have to get correct one. So, you need to analyze some important biking facts.

Maybe your bike is so comfortable, then the odds of it being comfortable or know and I want you guys to go.

Rewind this like a minute before and count how many times I said comfortable. I think it was a lot you’ll know when your bike feels good to you and when your bike feels good to you, you won’t even question it.

Then you could actually start getting into real tricks and getting some sort of like control and that leads us to our next subject is by control.

You want to have bike control. That is why you’ll see seven-year-old kids that can send it to do backflips front flips and this that the third toe ups bar spins is because they have a lot of bike control.

Probably racing, a spiritual, they grew up racing and because racing is such a crazy high-speed sport, BMX racing was said, because it’s such a high-speed sport.

It takes a lot of like control. So, they already have bike control. Having bike control, being comfortable with a bike, and literally just having that mentality that you can just send it.

Then they’ll go and try it and then they’ll eat face. It’s hilarious actually but know your boundaries. If you question something that you think you can’t do, I ended up for a while pound yourself three seconds. So go 3, 2, 1. Before doing the trick drop stair set, whatever you’re doing. Come 3, 2, 1, and give it all.

Advanced Issues

When you hop off your bike and you’re just going to do is there is something you need to follow carefully. You just shouldn’t do it. That was like me with almost every single injury I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.

So, next on the list is to a knob. One of those annoying kids and I say this from the bottom of my heart. One thing you guys need to realize.

Especially if you are a younger kid watching this is that when you get older and you still ride bikes, if you’re my age, 19 years old, still riding bikes, and you go to the skate park, right?

Some people that are my age and who ride are very grouchy. They are not the nicest people. And a lot of people older than me are very not nice and it sucks, but it’s probably easier to explain this with a story.

So, say if you’re a kid at a skate park and you see a kid, my age riding there, and he’s doing tail whips, 180 tail whips, 360 lips, truck drivers, flares backflips.

Enjoy the ride with him, enjoy the skate park with him and have fun with him. Don’t question, I guess. Well, the last thing to you guys is to ride your bike as much as humanly possible.

Looking back at the days when I first started riding, one of the best times I’ve ever had in my entire life was riding my bike and having fun with friends.

It’s probably hard for you guys to see that right now. If you’re a kid. 1213 years old and you’re having fun every single day, riding bikes with buddies’ ground and here biking safety issue is a big concern.

I really didn’t have anything. I had a couple of skate parks near me, but I can never get rides to them.

So, I just rode flat ground every single day. That’s all you really need pretty much just adapt to you and everything and BMX will just come to you honestly like once you have bike control, you have the knowledge, you have boundaries.

Once you have comfortability. I don’t know how to say it comfortable and everything will literally just come to you and it’s crazy because one day I woke up and I was able to do bar spins and 180 bar spins.

It was literally like, I didn’t practice them a day before I didn’t practice summit until then literally just one day I woke up and I was able to do bar spins, 180 bar spins.

One day I woke up and I was able to do tabs and it’s. It’s crazy to me because it’s not like that much practice went into those tricks.

So, you need deeply follow these key points. Maybe you guys learn the same way as me. Maybe you’ll just wake up and all of a sudden, you’ll have flares. I don’t know.

But that’s all pretty much what I have to say. As far as tips and tricks for you. Those are beginners and are just getting started on bikes.

I guess we could touch base with the fact of the clicks and we will touch base on the clicks and styles and types of riders and probably another article.

You don’t want to do a 180 then, you know, that just looks ugly. But anyway, back on the subject, you don’t want to rush into tricks because they’ll get sloppy. You will hurt yourself. You’ll try to push yourself way too hard and you don’t have that mentality, that knowledge too. Tell yourself when to stop, because you’re just getting started into riding.

So, you don’t know that that find boundary, speaking of boundaries, make sure you’d know your boundaries when it comes to writing.

There’s a lot of the times where you will see on the internet people trying to ride some crazy obstacles or like somebody that like grabs a bike and they’re like, oh, I can do that better than you.

But for right now, this is pretty much going to set you guys up with just the right knowledge.


Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this article, and please don’t envelope just leave a comment and share it as you can and if you want to get more biking pro to visit The 10 Best BMX Bikes for Adults In 2021 and that’s really amazing.

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