How To Measure A Bike Frame


Biking is not a feeling of pleasure if your bike isn’t the right sized one. Riding bicycles may be the healthiest of transportation, both for us and nature. Also, biking can be the reason of creating severe health issues only …

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Hardtail vs Full Suspension


HARDTAIL or FULL SUSPENSION? It’s always been a matter of argument among bikeoholics. If MTB is a coin, Hardtail and Full Suspension are nothing but just two sides. None of them can be called the best because it depends on …

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What Is Cyclocross?


Sunday morning at 7:00 am, and it’s a gloomy rainy day. Even the rooster is sleeping. Noise outside! What’s just happening? Some mad bikers just riding like hell. Are they mad? In this muddy wet road who rides a road …

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How to Measure a Bike


Every responsible citizen nowadays is trying to reduce the use of fuel-burning vehicles and increase more and more use of bikes, as it is very good for the human race and Mother Nature together. As per the recommendations of the …

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How to Clean A Bike Chain


A deceased backbone is never good for a rider, and a dirty chain is worse for the rider’s bike! Bicycle’s chain works as a backbone for it. In the time of pedaling, the chain turns the rear wheel, and the …

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