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6 Best Clipless mountain bike shoes For Men/Women [Top Picks]

When shopping for mountain bike shoes, most buyers tend to look for shoes that provide comfort and are relatively stiff to enhance power transfer, especially during enduring rides.

Clipless mountain bike shoes tend to be all-rounded when it comes to this since they not only provide comfort but also make riding easier by maximizing output. Due to their stiffness, there is reduced flexing of the foot, and this tends to enhance power transfer, which makes it easier to ride for longer and faster, using less energy on all terrains.

The Top 6 Best Clipless mountain bike shoes are below.

1. Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes


  • Lace closure for a better fit
  • Removable sock liner
  • Leather and synthetic upper with abrasion resistance
  • Classic Dotty™ tread
  • Weight: 931 grams
  • Color: Red/Gray Five/black

The shoe is well ventilated, and this reduces sweating and cools down your feet during long rides.

The soles have good quality treads, and this increases the grip on the pedal and allows more traction on rocky terrain.

Materials used on the upper part, such as leather, ensure the durability of the shoe and are ideal for rough terrains since they offer maximum protection for your feet. The toe cap is also reinforced and abrasion-resistant.

Five ten clipless shoes stand out in terms of efficiency. It not only has a very good grip but is also very comfortable. Its good casual look means that you can also wear it even when you are not riding.

The soles made of soft rubber act as shock absorbers when doing or riding downhill in bumpy terrain.

Review: Five ten shoes has set the precedent for excellent cycling shoes for quite some time now and the Five ten freerider is no different. In comparison to older five ten shoes, the freerider is geared toward comfort and a casual look while also improving traction.


  • The five-ten clipless shoes enhance traction between the shoe and pedal. This makes riding over rocks and roots easier since you have more traction.
  • Due to the enhanced grip, they give the rider better control of the rear wheel. This enables the rider to do basic maneuvers such as lifts and slides.
  • The toe box is strong enough to protect your toes in case of impact.
  • There is a wide variety of color choices for the buyer.
  • Synthetic materials used in its manufacture are lightweight.


  • In case you happen to be riding across a stream, the shoes tend to soak up and may take some time to dry.
  • The use of laces without a strap increases the chances of them getting tangled in the petals leading to accidents.

What customers say: The freerider is an improvement from its predecessors with the design crafted to improve comfort and give the shoe a more casual look. It’s worth its value in money.

2. Tommaso Montagna Mountain Bike Shoe


  • Stylish 3 – Velcro straps for a closure system.
  • Light polyamide soles reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Removable spikes for climbing terrains.
  • Guaranteed a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Color: Black
  • Available compatible cleats.

The shoes come in a stylish ergonomic design that ensures a perfect fit. The fiberglass-reinforced soles ensure that the shoe has maximum stiffness, and this improves power transfer when pedaling. This allows you to take long and fast rides with less effort.

The Velcro straps on the Tommaso Montagna shoes give the shoe a stylish look and are easier to strap on and off when riding. They also reduce the risk of accidents when laces get tangled in the chain and pedals. The Velcro straps also improve the rigidity of the shoe.

Tommaso Montagna biking shoes have a customizable option. The shoe comes with climbing spikes that give more traction, especially during snowy or rainy weather when installed. The shoe uses 2–bolt style cleats which are compatible with most brands that produce 2-bolt style cleats.

Review: The introduction of fiberglass-reinforced soles has greatly increased the rigidity of the shoe and this has enhanced the power transfer during pedaling therefore reducing the effort used. However, the lack of a water-resistant upper makes them not ideal for riding on wet terrains.


  • The ergonomic design gives the shoe a stylish and lightweight look which gives you the perfect fit.
  • In consideration of the complex and stylish design of the shoe, it comes at an affordable price, especially for first-time buyers.
  • The use of fiberglass-reinforced soles gives the shoe more durability and improves the power transfer with every pedal stroke.
  • Modern design makes the shoe compatible for use in spinning and other indoor activities due to its comfort.
  • Due to their lightweight and strong grip, the shoes can also be used for hiking in loose gravel since they also keep the feet cool.
  • Cleat compatibility is an important aspect to consider when buying cycling shoes, and Tommaso Montagna incorporates that in its design. This makes it easier to find new cleats for replacement.


  • The material used to make the shoe is not water-resistant, and this increases the chances of soaking during rainy or snowy weather.
  • The Tommaso Montagna biking shoes have a very specific fitting which may be slightly smaller than other regular shoes. It’s important to first refer to their charts before ordering.
  • In case of damage to the sole, it is difficult to get a replacement.
  • There is a small variety of colors to choose from.

What customers say: The shoe is a number one pick for first-time buyers due to its comfort and functionality, and it comes at an affordable price. The stylish design is also a huge win for the manufacturers.

3. Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Shoes For Men/Women


  • Nylon fiberglass infused soles.
  • 3 hook and loop straps.
  • Handmade soles.
  • Reflective heel tabs.
  • Breathable mesh on the upper parts.
  • Compatible 2 bolt cleats.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible for indoor riding.
  • Insoles with a perforated surface to allow fast drying.

The hook and loop straps on the shoe are made with carbon fiber, giving them a good fit and durability. The straps are also easy to put on or off and adjust when riding due to a micro-adjustable buckle. The manufacturers have successfully managed to blend comfort and efficiency.

The shoes are made with synthetic microfiber leather which makes them lightweight and comfortable. The presence of a mesh on the upper part allows enough ventilation to cool your feet during long rides. This also enables the shoes to dry faster after riding in wet terrain.

The tongue is slightly elevated and notched to allow more space for movement of the ankle when cycling. This is very important in rough terrains to prevent ankle strains.

The nylon soles of the shoes are reinforced with fiberglass to make them more rigid and stiff. This facilitates maximum power transfer during pedaling and allows you to travel faster and longer using less energy.

Review: The shoes have a great look and are unisex too making them ideal for all genders. They are also great for indoor activities since they can flex. Putting on the clits is however a challenge for some but once you get used to them it becomes easier.


  • Gives the best comfort for your feet in all conditions.
  • The fiberglass reinforcement in the soles gives the shoe durability.
  • The shoe has a perfect fit and excellent traction.
  • Though made with high-quality materials, the shoe has an affordable price.
  • It’s breathable due to the mesh and provides good ventilation to reduce sweating and allow cooling.
  • The shoes are packaged in a fitting box that reduces the wastage of materials. The material used for packaging is reusable and biodegradable therefore does not pollute the environment.
  • The shoes have a relatively lower cost despite the use of high-quality materials.


  • The clips for fastening the shoes are sold separately.
  • The shoe comes in a slightly smaller size compared to your regular shoes.
  • American users may need to convert the shoe size to American charts since they come in EU sizes.
  • A few adjustments are needed due to how the shoe fits on the cleats.

What customers say: Gavin MTB mountain bike shoes have managed to bridge the gap between fashionable design and efficiency. They are relatively easy to use and come at an affordable price.

4. Gavin EliteCycling  Road Shoe


  • Rigid Nylon fiberglass sole.
  • Synthetic microfiber leather.
  • Breathable mesh and airflow vents.
  • The cleats are compatible with SPD, SPD – R, and SPD – SL.
  • Adjustable buckle for perfect fitting.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.

The hook and loop straps of the shoe enable you to get a perfect fit by adjusting the straps. They are also relatively fast to strap on, and the micro-adjustable buckle allows you to fit them even when on the move. The hook and loops also enhance the rigidity of the shoe and help keep a tight fit.

The breathable mesh and the airflow vents on the shoe provide maximum ventilation. This allows the rider to ride long distances without getting their feet soaked in sweat and keeps the feet cool at all times. This also makes it possible to quickly drain out the shoes in case they get soaked in a stream or rainy weather.

The sole is made of a robust type of fiberglass-infused nylon that gives the shoe maximum rigidity. This increases the output of every pedal stroke and makes cycling over long distances relatively easier. The sole reduces flexing of the feet and enhances power transfer as you drive the pedal down while also allowing maximum contact with the pedal for greater control of the back wheel. The soles also have vents for air circulation to enable cooling during hot days.

The Gavin Elite cycling shoe is a high-performance cycling shoe that applies high-quality materials to enhance its efficiency and comes at an affordable price giving you value for your money. Its lightweight design also increases efficiency by reducing the rider’s workload.

In consideration of keeping our environment clean, shoes are packaged in a reusable and recyclable box that is environmentally friendly and can also be repurposed for other uses at home.

Review: The Gavin Elite cycling shoe is a high-performance shoe ideal for outdoor activities. The lightweight materials give it a comfortable feel but many feel that the buckle could be adjusted to serve its purpose better.


  • By using high-quality materials in making the shoe, durability is guaranteed.
  • The shoe has a perfect fit, and the adjustable buckle enables you to adjust your fit even when on the move.
  • The ergonomic design of the shoe gives it a stylish finish and comes at an affordable price.
  • It’s versatile in its use for both indoor and outdoor riding activities.
  • The shoe design allows it to be used in both day and night activities.
  • It’s compatible with most brands’ cleats.
  • Patches of mesh on the upper parts of the shoe enable air ventilation and cooling.


  • The shoe’s cleats are sold separately from the shoe.
  • The ratchet fastener is weak and may easily break off.
  • There is a small variety of colors to pick from.

What customers say: Most buyers find the Gavin Elite cycling shoes to be high-performance and durable shoes. Their combination of high quality and ergonomic designs gives them a stylish look. This gives them a high ranking in comparison to other cycling shoes.

5. Five Ten Clipless Mountain Bike Shoes


  • Synthetic fast-drying upper material.
  • Breathable PU – coated polyester mesh.
  • Moderately stiff soles.
  • Eva midsole for shock absorption.
  • Color: gray/carbon/black.
  • Weight: 505grams

The breathable mesh on the upper section of the show is also water-resistant due to the PU coating, and this prevents water from getting into the inner parts. The material is also very resistant to abrasions, even in rough terrains, and this greatly improves its durability.

The shoe’s outsole is strongly connected to the cleat and pedal, and this is ideal for mountain climbing and bumpy ground. The lace’s grip is also reinforced with a strap-on at the top part that can be adjusted to give a better fit. The strap also keeps the laces out of the way and reduces the chances of getting tangled in the gears.

The sole of the shoe has very good grip and traction, especially in muddy terrain. This gives the shoe a good combination of comfort and safety and enables good pedal grip in case of emergency. The sole is also not so stiff as compared to other clipless shoes. This allows shock absorption when doing jumps and other maneuvers.

The cleat position is easily adjustable, and you can move it further back to be able to put your foot in a desirable position. The cleats are also relatively easier to put in place. The cleat positioning allows maximum contact with the foot, giving you better control of the bike.

Review: The five-ten clipless mountain bike shoes are an improvement from their predecessors in terms of quality and durability. They keep the toe area secure and have a walkable construct. The C4 rubber outsole has maximum grip and is ideal for downhill rides and rocky terrain. The shoe also has a modified clip groove that makes wearing and taking them off easier.


  • The shoes are of high quality and are more durable even when used in rough terrains over long periods.
  • Waterproofing makes the shoes withstand wet terrain.
  • They come at an affordable price for the buyer.
  • The strong reinforced outer material keeps your foot and toes well protected.
  • The shoes have a good grip on rocky surfaces and terrain with gravel.


  • They are heavy in comparison to other cycling shoes.
  • Loose laces may get tangled in the chain or gears and cause an accident.

What customers say: Most customers find this model of Five Ten clipless mountain bike riding shoes to be an upgrade from its previous predecessor. The reinforced outer body and the comfort of the shoe are something to look forward to.

6. SANDUGO Men’s MTB  Mountain Bike Shoe


  • Hook and loop strap to hold the laces in place.
  • Rubber soles are stitched with the upper to improve comfort and make them durable.
  • Reinforced nylon shank to increase the power of every pedal stroke.
  • Compatible with any 2 bolt cleats.
  • Guaranteed manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

The SANDUGO men’s MTB Mountain bike SPD cycling shoes have a pocket tongue for the laces to avoid tangling in the gears. There is also a Velcro strap to provide a perfect fit that is also adjustable. The Velcro straps also offer additional support for the shoe frame and improve the rigidness of the shoe.

The upper part is PU-coated, and this enhances the shoe’s durability. It also prevents water from seeping into the inner parts of the shoe during rides in wet places. Some of the upper parts of the shoe are made of a mesh patch to allow air ventilation. This ensures that the feet stay cool even in hot summer weather.

The manufacturers made the shoe more compatible with the installation of 2 bolt cleats. The shoe’s cleats are compatible with Shimano spd, Crank Brothers, and other clipless cleats manufacturers. This makes it easier to replace worn-out cleats.

The soles of the shoe are made of treaded rubber which gives the maximum shoe grip, especially on rocky surfaces. They also prevent slipping when riding in areas with smooth gravel.

The shoe has soft heel padding to make it more comfortable when riding and also makes it more comfortable to walk in.

When riding uphill, the reinforced soles help provide traction, especially in bad weather conditions.

Review: The shoe heel and toe cap are made of abrasion-resistant material that keeps the rider’s feet protected at all times. This also enhances the durability of the shoe. The cleats are also designed in a way that the shoes can also be used to walk and do other outdoor activities. The shoes also have quite a fashionable look, and this appeals greatly to the younger generation.


  • The strong nylon molded outsole allows for maximum power transfer.
  • The soft rubber soles have a good grip even on slippery terrain.
  • They are affordable though they are high-performance and quality shoes.
  • They are fashionable and versatile in their uses for outdoor activities.
  • The cleats are easy to clip on.
  • Ventilation on the upper surface allows you to ride for longer without getting your feet soaked in sweat.
  • Materials used in manufacturing the shoe are lightweight, giving the shoe a slightly lower weight in comparison with other riding shoes.


  • The shoes come in only black and orange colors.
  • The shoe sizes might be a bit smaller than the regular shoe sizes.
  • Laces come with an additional risk of tangling in the pedals, gears, and chain.


The above list contains the best clipless mountain bike shoes with different specifications to meet different customer needs. Different aspects of shoe design such as fashion, efficiency, and environmentally friendly designs have been applied in the various shoes. Biking is not only viewed as a leisure activity but also a form of exercise, and this need has to be put into consideration. I hope the article helps you determine the best shoe for your biking adventure. We also look forward to hearing from you so kindly give us your feedback.

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