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Full Suspension and Hardtail Bike Basic Differences

This is the geek article on the full suspension versus hardtail bike and it’s a fun article. So, let’s talk about our bikes, how to set to up, and get into the nitty-gritty. Here we are just going into detail with two bikes.

We have discussed the details of these two bikes and we hope you get the information that you need.

Scott Genius 700 Tuned

My bike is a Scott genius, 700 tuned and Its price is 6,999 pounds that’s the retail price. So we know mountain biking can be expensive.

It doesn’t have to be, but you can’t throw a lot of money at things, but what do you get in these premium bikes while there’s lots of stuff goes into making these things lots of R and D.

You’ve got loads of carbon fiber and the spikes are carbon front end and backend linkage.

I’ve got a one-piece carbon bar and stem. I’ve got a lockout, so that’s pretty cool. It’s one 50 mil travel bike, but it goes down to 100 and a full lockout on the front arm rear.

So, it’s a versatile bike material and you need a heavy price for it. So, here you have known some basic differences of full suspension vs hardtail bike.

This bike can run two different size wheels and the minute I’ve got the DT Swiss M 18 25, 29 wheels in there, you can put some 27.5 plus in the air.

You’ve got that flip link there and when you swap wheels age, flip that over again, it makes it versatile all internal routines. So, I’ve got dropped posts.

I’ve got the cable that goes to my rear shock, the rear brake hose. The rear derailer or goes through the bike. Nice and smooth. Great-looking frame again, a premium drive train on this bike.

I’ve got a ceramic Eagle that massive cassette, the 52 from the rear also got a carbon fiber cranks. They surround Axo one or premium stuff.

Of course, uh, Kashima fork on this did have a Kashima shock but scratched the shaft on that.

So, it’s got replaced. All that means that this bike’s super K for one 50-mile travel bike. and it weighs in at 26 pounds. So lighter than Blake’s by all the latest mountain bike tack it’s got boosts spaced hubs.

It’s got a beautiful carbon fiber frame because I borrowed it in the stem. It’s just the pinnacle of modern mountain bike technology, strong light, cheap picture of them strong and light.

RockShox Revelation Hardtail Bike

RockShox Revelation Hardtail Bike hardtail bike is 1,699 Pounds is 30 pounds. That is 13.7 kilos It’s not as light as yours, but this is an aggressive hardtail. It’s got 140 mil travel upfront.

It has no gumbos on the rear and it’s super simple. Nothing to go wrong with the rear is aluminum. This is the new person, scalp 27.5 plus size.

There’s no carbon fiber on this bike. I have a drop post cycling slam that saddle when it comes to those rough sections, descending out there on the trail.

I’ve got these 2.6 Conti D parent tires. So, I’ve got a little bit more given these tires when it comes to a bit more of a rough terrain plus it’s got quite a bit of grip tape.

The benefit about this is you can let down the pressures, you can run a little bit of low pressure in these types. You can get a lot more grip on that and that saves you from cycling injury.

When it comes to writing a bit of a rough section 12, like what we did in the previous article, where we put these two head-to-heads, I don’t have any carbon, so I can use this bike.

It doesn’t matter if I get a rock that hits up. Cause it’s not carbon. It’s not going to affect. It’s just going to bend it and what I’ve got on this bike is boost front and rear.

They’re giving this bike a lot more rigidity so you can push it a lot more. So, you don’t feel it flex as much out on the trail and suspension-wise in my setup on this bike.

Look at that super simple, no rear suspension, but up the front, I’ve got these rock shock revelations that are 140 million travels.

So, there’s a lot of travel there. I’ve got them set up a plush because I haven’t got them locked out. If I had on my full suspension bike.

There is I also want the front suspension to work and I’m going through a lot of physical effort down a trail, trying to guide this thing as fast as I can down the track and have as much fun as possible.

So, I want that as plush and my drive train on this bike is Shimano SLX, and it’s one by 11. If I was running over to buy up the front, that means I would have an extra bigger Sprocket upfront because my BB is quite low.

This is as an aggressive hardtail, if I had a big Sprocket up the front, I’ll be smacking all those rocks.

So, talk about that front chainring. 32 to Sprocket upfront. I feel like on the climbs is perfect. I can just spin up the climb. I can get up some super steep situations, but now it’s got a bit dryer.

I feel like I’m spinning out on those 32 teeth. So maybe a 34 would be beneficial, comes to a bit of dry terrain, but in their winter, well, the 32 teeth will come and come.

It’s a few weeks ago, I did a process on how clipped being clipped into your bike can be super beneficial on a hardtail when it comes to rough sections and I said, I’ll be having them on my bike.

I haven’t got them on my bike at the moment because I was a bit scared going down. Some of those rough sections, I thought being clipped into it.

I wanted to get my foot out quick as possible because it was rough and I’m not used to being clipped in.

So, I’m running flats on this bike, but there’s one thing I want so much. So, you need to point out there is that this bike has super rigid and it meaning it’s super stiff. So, when you pushing it in the corners, that bike is rigid.

It’s not twisting, it’s not bending, which I feel like when you have a rear suspension, you can feel the bike twist and move underneath you when you’re riding it super aggressively.

Whereas this it’s just stiff and It’s rigid. It’s that there are quick bites. Check the box and get the full manual we think that helps you a lot.


Hopefully, you have got some amazing information about the full suspension and hardtail bikes. Here we have discussed some key differences between these two types of bikes.

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