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What Are the Most Common Injuries in Cycling?

The knee injury is the most common cycling injury. When you riding regularly it’s common for you to fall into a knee injury.

Bike riding is one of the most popular recreational sports and all ages of people love biking. In many biking communities, you have found this question commonly what are the most common injuries in cycling?

Common bicycle accident injuries are many types such as knee injury, saddle sore, back pain, neck pain, hip pain, road rash and many other injuries you have there.

Most of the time the answer is a knee injury and that’s really true if you see the bike injury statistic.

So, when people riding they face bicycle-related injuries. Statistic data shows most of the injuries held by males and the number one cause is they riding on so first speed.

Most severe injuries and fatalities basically happen for motor vehicles collisions. There are superficial soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal trauma are common bike injuries.

Head injuries are one of the most dangerous injuries and they cause most fatalities and long-term disabilities.

When we talk about bike injuries knee is the most common side for an overuse cycling injury.

Most of the cyclist beginner to pro levels, its common that they experience knee injuries at any time of their cycling career.

Your knee is simply a joint between your upper and lower leg and in medical terms, the cap is called the patella.

Sometimes it gets rid of its exact joint and you feeling something not ok and it’s not moving perfectly and it pulling or goes in the wrong direction.

Over access riding sometimes you feel knee pain, so if you want to inhale your knee pain often you need a soft message, take complete rest, somewhat foam rolling, sometimes you need ice or anti-inflammatories at the first glance.

Then you need to search for the root cause. Basically, knee pain happened for bike fit problem and if this is the cause of your knee pain then the solution is so easy.

If you feel pain at the front part of your knee that called anterior knee pain. Generally, it happened if your saddle is too low. In cases, you feel undue pressure on your patella.

If you feel pain behind your knee, it’s called posterior knee pain and it basically occurred when your bike saddle is too high and it stretching your hamstring attachments.

When you feel medial and lateral pains present at the side of your knee, it basically happened for the wrong cleat set up and if you don’t solve this problem your knee can’t track correctly.

There is also a common knee problem for cyclists and that is IT Band and that term you feel your fibrous tissue goes down your outer thigh.

When you engage on this problem it can pull your patella. You can easily solve this wrong tracking you just need to message and foam rolling.

Many riders use kinesio tape and it so effective to fix the problem and helps a lot to correction in tracking.

But you should remember it’s just an example of indicating the symptoms and it’s not main root cause. You must loosened off your IT Band.

You may be riding on the road, cruiser, or mountain bike but that’s not fact. Safety is the main concern here.

What is a saddle sore?

What-is-a-saddle-soreThere is common odd jokes among us that havoc bike riding can run on the undercarriage but its not a joke this matters can becomes more dangerous enough to leave out a pro cyclist from a stage races.

You know it’s not just about you feel discomfort at the actual area, either if you begin to sit lop-sided on your saddle area and you may try to avoid the pressure of your skin and for that others injuries can occurred and these may be more difficult to treat.

If you want to know what is saddle sore? I think you have got the answer.

There is various type of saddle sores but any type of sore your raised area of skin around your buttocks or undercarriage and reason is contact your bike saddle would sit in the category.

When you engage on saddle sore problem at first you need to clean the affected area and wash the area with an antiseptic soap then dry the place. If you feeling hurts while sitting on saddle, take some days of rest from cycling until felling okay.

How to Avoid Neck Pain Cycling?

How-to-Avoid-Neck-Pain-CyclingNeck pain is one of the common injuries for cyclists so this question is coming out frequently how to avoid neck pain cycling?

To avoid cycling neck pain you should need to keep the focus on your proper riding position. Get the bike that properly fits with your body and adjust your body easily.

There are some common issues you need to focus on when you riding always try to pull out the stomach, towards the lower back, a little bit lifted the chest when riding, keep the chin tucked and stretch the neck when you relaxed your body.

Muscle stiffness and soreness are the common options of neck injury and most of the that’s occurred in the wrong position.

when you are buying a new car it’s important to focus on its adjustment. So better adjustment you should try as many as possible bike and it helps you to figure out which bike is correctly fitted for you.

Can Cycling Damage My Perineum?

Can-Cycling-Damage-my-PerineumtMany cyclists furiously ask this question can cycling damage my perineum? Normally cycling does not damage your perineum but when you sitting on the saddle it puts some pressure on your saddle.

So over access riding can create some damage to your perineum. So it’s important to not given so much pressure on your perineum.

How Do I Stop Wrist Pain When Cycling?

How-Do-I-Stop-Wrist-Pain-When-CyclingIf you are a regular bike rider sometimes you may feel pain in your wrist and the question coming to your mind, how do I stop wrist pain when cycling?

To treat your wrist pain, you need to consciously relax your hands. Simply you need to lose your elbow and soften your shoulders and not try to grip your bike bar tightly.

Sometimes cyclist puts extra weight onto their wrist. If your bike saddle is too high, it pushes your weight forward and if your handlebar is too low then you put more weight on your wrist. So you should need to lower your saddle height.

How to Avoid Lower Back Pain When Cycling?

How-to-Avoid-Lower-Back-Pain-When-CyclingWhen you cycling regularly sometimes you feel sharp pain or ache in the lower portion of your body. So, there is a question coming out how to avoid lower back pain when cycling?

To avoid cycling-related back pain at first you need to check your bike fit. A poorly fit bike can badly bring back pain.

There are some other common tips such as try to use higher cadence, improve your mobility, take proper rest when you riding on long mileage.

This pain can also affect your buttock and thighs. When you got this problem, you may suffer from stiffness when you are just sitting.

All cyclists suffer the problem 60% time at the same point. The lower back pain basically causes by the wrong posture with less flexibility in the rider’s hips.

Lower back pain becomes most common if riders en-courage extra power through the hip when they sitting on the bike saddle and this could be the cause of strain in lower back muscles.

So, there is the question of what riders can do? To treat this problem, it’s important to check the angle of the saddle, if the saddle is too low then tipped up first.

Do Cycle Helmets Prevent Head Injuries?

Do-Cycle-Helmets-Prevent-Head-InjuriesThere is a common question for beginner cyclists do bicycle helmets reduce head injuries? A recent study finds that when riders wear helmet it reduces nearly 70% of head injury risk.

Statistics show 64000 cyclists have found their helmet reduces the risk of head injury. The research also found riders’ neck injuries are not a cause of neck injury.

The study also shows helmets reductions of head injury level and that is 51% normal head injury, 69% for a serious head injury, 33% for face injury, and 65% for a fatal head injury.

However, you should remember to avoid head injury it is compulsory to wear a proper size bicycle helmet.

There is a question people also ask how many head injuries are caused by cycling each year?

By the report of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are almost 80000 cycling-related head injuries are occurred.

Final Talk

Riding a bike is so enjoyable until you have fallen on the injury. When you riding you may catch an injury so it’s important to focus on your safety because a little bit careless can cause your death.

Some bike injuries you can avoid if you are aware of and maintain the proper safety concern.

Maybe you riding with the road, mountain, or cruiser bike whatever there are some basic safety issues and you should need always maintain this common safety factor such as wearing a helmet, using a handgrip, put a backlight on your bike backside.

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